About Us

Farm Journalist Forum is a registered body (Reg. No. T-947/2009) of agri professionals, progressive farmers, students and those loving farming activities with headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram. This forum envisions to serve as a platform for networking agri journalist with the avowed aims of attaining excellance for the cause of sustained agricultural development and to achieve the goal of peasants prosperity in perpetuity. We are organizing seminars/workshops, trainings, media interactions in subjects related to agricultural and allied sectors. The main motto is to promote agriculture journalism among students and agri professionals. With the widening of horizons in the farm front , it is considered essential that the Farm Journalist Forum expands its network with more activities. Being a person who fond of farming you are warmly welcomed to the family of Farm Journalist under the banner of Farm Journalist Forum.

We solicit your association with us for an enriching endeavor to the cause of agricultural development. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Vision and Mission

Farm Journal Foundation is dedicated to sustaining agriculture’s ability to meet the vital needs of a growing population through education and empowerment.

Office Bearers

Dr CS Raveendran
Dr. Stephen Devenesan
(Vice President)
Dr. NG Balachandranath
(General Secretary)
SK Suresh
(Join Secretary)